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Shipping Finance

In the fast-changing landscape of shipping finance, individuals, investors and financiers alike require specialist legal advice to ensure their interests are protected through complex shipping transactions.

Whether you seek to purchase a vessel or fleet, are interested in investing in a shipping company or the transaction comes as part of a merger or acquisition or if you want to enforce mortgages or any other kind of propter rem guarantee, gaining a complete overview of the options available and the related risks is essential in making a well-informed decision – one that will support you in achieving your goals.

Representing both borrowers and lenders through shipping transactions, our internationally recognised lawyers provide tailored advice to reflect your unique objectives and requirements.

How can we help?

At SMA, we’re well versed with the issues, liabilities and risks associated with sourcing or providing finance in the shipping industry. Having assisted a diverse portfolio of clients in both the shipping and financial sectors including but not limited to banks and the U.S.A. Government, our expertise is unrivalled: beyond financing, our expertise extends to sale and purchase of vessels or fleets, chartering, building, sponsorship, project management agreements and dispute resolution.

Every day, our shipping finance team provides pragmatic, commercially-focused advice to a vast range of owners, investors and financiers across a broad range of loan transactions. These include:

  • Sale and purchase of ships
  • Traditional and alternative funding structures
  • Investment in shipping assets
  • Enforcement of mortgages
  • Recommendations of alternative forms of security
  • Restructure of securities to make it more efficient to be enforced
  • Shipping restructuring
  • Refinancing
  • Restructuring
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions

What to expect from SMA shipping lawyers

We’re proud of the reputation we have garnered across the global shipping and finance sectors which lead to us becoming the go-to firm for foreign countries to resolve matters related to ships financed abroad but located in Brazil. As well as our skill and experience in the field of shipping finance, investors, institutions and individuals choose SMA for our highly personalised and responsive service. Whatever your circumstances and ambition, you can guarantee a dynamic legal service from an award-winning team of specialists.

We know how critical it is to gain an understanding of every element of a transaction before making a commitment. Our priority is to secure an outcome that will benefit you the most; the service we deliver will centre around your needs to ensure a contract fits your requirements. Thanks to our technology-led infrastructure and our international reach, you can count on our shipping lawyers for high-calibre advice no matter where you are in the world.

Our main partners are heavyweights in the area of shipping law; their breadth of knowledge and technical expertise are well-renowned throughout the international shipping community.


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