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Limitation of Liability

In cases of accidents, vessel owners may apply for limitation of liability for any loss or damage that occurs during the ship’s operation. Under international and national shipping legislation, it is possible for owners to limit their liability up to a maximum sum and mitigate the risk of financial damage from potential claims.

Brazil has adopted the Brussels Convention 1924 which is still in force as well as the rules stated in the local commercial code.

How can we help?

Whether you are a vessel owner or insurer, the impact of these claims can be particularly damaging and have a ripple effect through your business. Here at SMA, our shipping law experts possess a thorough understanding of the Limitation of Liability rules and how they can be applied to damages related to casualties involving vessels.

No matter the complexity of your case, you can count on our dedicated shipping lawyers to protect your interests and achieve a fair outcome with minimal disruption to operations. Boasting rich experience in Limitation of Liability claims, our award-winning team are well experienced in having brought the discussion to the Brazilian Court.

What to expect from SMA shipping lawyers

From vessel owners to P&I clubs and other insurers, we provide pragmatic advice that is backed by years’ worth of shipping industry experience to clients in Brazil.  

If you are facing a claim regarding the repercussions of an accident or disaster at a Brazilian port involving either your vessel or that of your client, you can count on our Casualty Response Team to provide prompt legal assistance in invoking a Limitation of Liability including when it’s the right moment to go to for that route, for what claims and how.

Whether you’re on the receiving end of a claim regarding a maritime accident or are looking for a shipping lawyer to provide proactive legal assistance to help mitigate risks, you will benefit from high-calibre advice we deliver at SMA.


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