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Enforcement of Foreign Jurisdiction & Arbitration Awards

If you’re involved in a shipping dispute and assets are found in Brazil, we are ready to provide you with robust legal advice and assistance on how to enforce your rights here.

If, after litigating against an opponent and an arbitration or Court decision award has been issued, the debtor does not respond, understanding the legal options available is the key to acting quickly should you need to by determining the right strategy and making progress towards finding assets and enforcing action against them. In situations such as these, legal expertise and representation becomes essential in securing the right outcome.

How can we help?

Once an award has been obtained, the winning party can apply to the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice to enforce it. If you are caught in a shipping dispute of this nature, you need a lawyer who understands the complexities of international shipping law.

What to expect from SMA international shipping lawyers

Both major partners of SMA have a Master’s degree in international law and so they are used to dealing with the enforcement of foreign decisions, final or not, from arbitration or court proceedings.

When it comes to taking enforcement action, you can count on our award-winning team to determine the best approach in achieving the right result – be it through active communication with the debtor or crafting a strategic plan to secure the assets. From the moment you instruct one of our shipping lawyers, you can expect the high-calibre, personalised service that has earned us the reputation we proudly hold today.


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