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Offshore and Regulatory

Brazil is a continental country with a large coast and enormous fields of oil and gas. The multitude of different rules coming from different agencies require connected legal assistance to avoid application of unpleasant penalties.

Where these have not been avoided, practitioners must be capable of challenging such penalties and be experienced in developing strategies in accordance with compliance to all the applicable rules.

How can we help?

In a heavily-regulated industry, keeping abreast of changes to legislation is essential in averting the risk of financial sanctions and reputational damage. However, avoiding penalties from breach of regulation is difficult when you’re faced with unfamiliar international laws. Seeking specialist advice from heavyweight shipping lawyers can help you to gain an understanding of requirements and establish a robust compliance framework tailored to your needs.

SMA’s dedicated legal service covers regulatory investigations and enforcement, litigation, transactional support and advice on best practice for regulatory compliance. Providing dynamic services to a broad range of clients in the global shipping community, our maritime lawyers can steer you in the right direction. We can assist you through a broad range of regulatory issues, including:

  • Administrative proceedings of whatsoever nature;
  • Fulfilment of the port captain rules of each port;
  • Operation in the cabotage;
  • Carriage of crude oil and products;
  • Business in the oil and gas;
  • Corporate law;
  • Opening companies in Brazil and abroad;
  • Environment licenses;
  • Response plan for pollution.

What to expect from SMA shipping lawyers

Our skilled team of specialist maritime lawyers frequently act for world-renowned shipping companies Our digital infrastructure and international network allows us to deliver legal services on a global scale, but it’s our expertise across the entire regulatory landscape that enables us to serve a broad range of clients throughout the world.

At SMA, our shipping lawyers provide realistic advice and hands-on guidance to all types of corporations on the regulations that govern ships and the carriage of goods and passengers by sea. We are one of the few shipping law firms that can deliver comprehensive legal advice on a multi-jurisdictional level: as such, we are well-equipped to handle even the most complex cases.

If the matter is particularly urgent in nature, you can count on SMA’s emergency response service comprised of high-calibre shipping lawyers to guide you through regulatory claims and investigations. We pride ourselves on the personalised service we offer, and all clients can expect direct contact with the main partners of our firm throughout a case.


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