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Fabiana Martins

Abandonment and recycling of vessels

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Based on the presentation at the XIV MARITIME LAW WORKSHOP of the Maritime Court (now available on Youtube*) Cases of abandonment of crews reported to IMO/ILO have risen after COVID and although a direct linkage is considered unclear [i] ,...

New oil spills in Brazil - What now, Jose?

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15TH NOVEMBER 2004 Some 15 years ago the methanol tanker Vicuna, while anchored in the Paranaguá (PR) Bay in Brazil, was engulfed in an explosion from an undetermined source. The result the tragic death of 4 people, total loss of...

Speech at Celebration of the 85 Anniversary of the Maritime Court

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Chief of Navy Admiral Ilques Barbosa Junior and all authorities already nominated by the President of the Maritime Court What a joy to be able to gather around the festivities for the 85th anniversary of the Maritime Court in this special year of 2019, when...